When you read this, don’t take my vulgar words as a sign that I’m angry or upset. I’m actually calm.. so calm that I’ve finally chosen to let it go.

I’m glad to know that at least I’ve raised my kids well. Unlike you, I don’t make the sisters hate each other, and hate their father too so they both can, instead, love me alone.

One of them could be dyslexic but I know she can be fixed while she’s still a child.. rather than corrupting her until she reaches an age in her 30s to realize her mom made no effort to provide the best childhood she could have.

Or, until she gets old enough to understand that a family shouldn’t be this way. Or, until she becomes a mother herself to discover that you actually have never been there.

I will tell her that it’s okay to be different than the rest, things will be fine and she’s not a freak. She doesn’t have to feel the pressure of having to fulfill her parents’ expectations.

She shouldn’t be worried about people judging her or that she must always show a good example to her younger sister, even if it means she cannot be herself.

It’s okay if she’s not that pretty, I will always tell how pretty she is. If she does grow up to be pretty then I’ll just be happy for her. I won’t scare her with those tales of being pretty will only attract perverts and I won’t tell her not to be a bitch, because she won’t. 

She will become a fine, good natured lady that is loved and respected by everyone.

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